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Bothams of Whitby

Botham's Of Whitby

An excellent and extensive range of Botham's products available for delivery, 48 hour notice required.


Product Name:

Product Size:


Bothams Mixed Biscuits (48)

x 12

A combination of Shar Ginger, Chocolate Chip & Ginger, Tea & Double Chocolate Biscuits


Bothams Plum Bread (48)

x 12

This is a rich, moist, highly fruited, yeast raised loaf for the tea table. Some people say it is addictive! But everybody comes back for more plum bread. If you like a delicious, rich, heavily fruited Plum Bread, then this product is for you.


Bothams Yorkshire Brack (48)

x 12

The choicest fruits infused with Botham's own blend Tea, producing a moist and irresistible tea loaf; delicious with cheese, preserves, sliced and buttered, or even just eaten on its own: a perfect addition to the traditional British tea table


Bothams Ginger Brack (48)

x 12

The combination of Australian stem ginger, golden sultanas and orange zest makes this vibrant and zingy fruit cake. (No added fat)


Bothams Date &Walnut Spelt Brack (48)

x 12

A superbly moist and nutty cake made without fat in the recipe


Bothams Tea Biscuits 200g

x 12


Bothams Landlord Fruit Cake

x 10


Bothams Chocolate Chip Biscuits

x 12

• (f) indicates where products will arrive frozen.
• (h) indicates where products can be heated.
• (48) indicates where Trio FoodService require 48 hours notice before delivery.